Post-Jazzfest Madness

Ah, the adventures of a musician in New Orleans during Jazzfest. This spring has really been a blur for me, I’ve done a lot of performing, some recording, some writing, and things are looking good heading into the summer.

One Love Brass Band just performed at the Bayou Boogaloo festival, our biggest show to date, and it went great! We even had my vocalist friend Mykia Jovian sit in with us for a song. I’ve been starting to write some new music I intend to have us record possibly sometime in the fall.

Smoke N Bones has trucked on with consistent Maison Frenchmen gigs, we’re also getting ready to go to Colorado to tour in July.  I’ve written some new songs I intend this band to do as well.

I’ll try to use this blog more often I promise! There’s a whole new awful season of Phillies baseball to complain about after all.





~ by kylecrippsmusic on May 19, 2014.