Welcome to my music page.  Here’s a few samples of some music I’ve made over the years.

Check out a new video I had the pleasure of producing for Maid of Orleans

Or this vocal arrangement I wrote for my good buddy Kyle Sharamitaro

Playing sax & keys with Smoke N Bones:

Please check out our YouTube channel or our Instagram for more content


I’ve gotten into writing arrangements for …several(?) saxophones lately; here’s a couple of my newest ones:

I call this one “Sax-A-Gyver”

And The Beatles’ classic “Martha My Dear” I wrote in honor of the 50th anniversary of The White Album:

Saxophone work with One Love Brass Band:

Check out a video of the title track off our new album “Too Big To Fail”:

And a music video for our cover of “A Message To You Rudy”:

Playing some organ blues with Romy Kaye and the Mercy Buckets:

Playing some organ blues with Troy Turner:

Saxophone work with New Orleans primordial fusion band Neslort:




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